Do You Have a Good, Scalable Idea?

Here you are—you and your beautiful idea.
The thing you’ve been testing out on yourself, your loved ones, and anyone who will give it a go for months or even years

You’re excited. BUT… you’re not 100% certain this idea will sell.
And you wonder:

• Is this good enough to compete with other products?
• Will people actually buy this?
• Am I wasting my time?

First of all, you’re brilliant for asking those questions. Because bringing a product to market and successfully scaling it requires a viable idea.
And there’s nothing worse than spending hours in your kitchen, thousands of $$ on packaging, and all your extra energy on something that ultimately doesn’t solve a problem or won’t sell.
This is where you get the honest perspective of an expert who’s understands the ins and outs of the industry and will tell you straight up whether or not what you’ve got is going to make it big.


The Viability Session includes:

• A candid 30-minute conversation

• Confirmation on whether or not your idea is going to work

• Insight into what you can optimize or adjust to make it viable

Total Investment: $175


Is this the perfect next step for you? Find out now.