Set on Hitting That Next Big Milestone? Let’s Go, Sister.

You’ve got lofty goals—and you’re ready to hit them.

• Your highest revenue month ever.
• Your first 3 full time hires.
• Your punchy rebrand.
• Your dream retail partner.
• It’s time—AND you’re all in.

The problem is… you don’t know “the how.” How to effectively get yourself from point A to point B without burning out.
Truth is, you’re spread thin, wearing all of the hats, working your buns off—and you can’t see with certainty what the perfect next step is, the perfect next investment is, the perfect use of your time is.

You crave the guidance of an expert, a CPG veteran. Someone that gets you, gets your product, and can give you the guidance and support your need to successfully hit that big harry audacious goal.

The Up the Ante Sessions are designed to take you to that next level—over the course of 90 days.


The UP & ANTe Session includes:

• Ten 60-minute meetings

• Email access between sessions

• A strategy plan for scaling, hitting the goal, and elevating your leadership capacity

• Introductions to key CPG contacts

Total Investment: $3500


Is this the perfect next step for you? Find out now.