In the Weeds? Let’s Fix that Core Problem.

Every day you’re faced with it.
That one nagging issue you can’t seem to resolve no matter how many Google rabbit holes you fall down or DIY tactics you employ.

• You’re still bleeding money on packaging and ingredients.
• You still can’t find an affordable co-manufacturer.
• You’re still butting heads with your business partner.
• You still haven’t nailed your investor pitch.
• You still aren’t raising money.
• You still don’t have a strategy to scale.

No matter your situation, this challenge isn’t just impacting your goals of launching the next big thing; it’s also negatively impacting your sleep, your sanity, and how you respond in every moment of your everyday life.
Which means you’re not showing up as the leader, visionary, and CEO you need to be to get this baby off the ground.

 Lady—let’s find a solution ASAP so that you can unblock the pipeline to progress.

The Strategy Sessions are a series of no B.S. meetings that empower us to resolve the biggest issue you face in your business.

Whether you need to:
• Find a way to save or raise $$
• Have a hard conversation
• Nail your pitch and approach
• Sign on your first investor
• [Insert YOUR anything here]

 I’ve got you.


The Strategy Session includes:

• Three 60-minute sessions

• Email access between sessions

• Strategy and insight uniquely formulated for your business

• Introductions to key CPG contacts

Total Investment: $2050


Is this the perfect next step for you? Find out now.