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For 10+ years, I’ve been entrenched in every stage of product and business development working to elevate the reach and presence of international female-founded CPG brands.




Landing here? It was by complete accident—and facilitated by a healthy chocolate recipe. You see… back in the day, I realized there wasn’t a clean bar of chocolate on the market.

So, I whipped one up in my kitchen. And what started as a simple passion project turned into a product enjoyed by thousands, NibMor Chocolate.

Whoa, how did that happen?

Like most first-time entrepreneurs, I was totally green. A complete newbie to the world of business. In fact, I’d spent the majority of my adult life pursuing a career in theater and film. Talk about a 180, right?

I remember how quickly things moved from me pouring my recipe into molds at home to later sitting in a room full of potential investors. 

My little farmer’s market chocolate had turned into something much greater than I’d ever expected, in thanks to bringing on a business partner.

The problem was…I had no idea what I was doing. So, I deferred to my partner and didn’t take on a confident leadership position in those very important conversations. And while my product did make it on to shelves in Whole Foods, I had unintentionally given my power away.

My biggest mistakes:

  • Playing dumb in meetings

  • Not knowing how to act or what to say

  • Taking money from the wrong people

  • Not expressing my truth

  • Developing an unhealthy business partner relationship

All of which were rooted in imposter syndrome and a lack of business acumen. (Hand slap to the forehead.)

While on the outside, I looked wildly successful, I felt like a hot mess and stumbled so many times before I found my footing and stepping into true leadership as a product creator and business owner.

When my time with NibMor came to an end, I noticed how many aspiring female entrepreneurs with excellent ideas were spinning their wheels and making similar mistakes.

So, every chance I got, I advised them on how to course correct—and skip over all of the turmoil I had been faced with in those early years. 


Why? Those little mistakes, that lack of self-confidence, and simply not knowing what you don’t know—it’s what prevents female-founded companies from getting off the ground and running successfully.

I’m on a mission to change that. To empower more women to get ahead of the game, play smart, maximize their money and time, and develop the business know-how that puts them in the position of leadership. 

And we’re on our way. In fact, since 2016, I’ve led the placement of over 120 individual products on retail shelves nationwide and working for brands like S.W. Basics, True Moringa, Kips Granola Bark and Skinterupt. 

I’m devoted to helping you beat the odds in the world of Consumer Packaged Products with tactical strategy and soulful, honest guidance so that you have the playbook to scale your business and make an impact.

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About Heather

Heather K. Terry is a CPG mentor and angel investor, the author of From Broadway to Wall Street, a Partner and the Chief Strategy Officer of BeyondBrands (a top tier CPG consulting agency focused on natural products in NYC), and the host of the Scaling with Soul podcast. For over a decade, she’s been immersed in the complexities and nuances of the consumer-packaged goods vertical. First as the co-founder of NibMor. Next, as the mastermind behind the expansion of popular clean beauty and wellness brands including S.W. Basics, True Moringa, Kips Granola Bark, GoodSam, Paper Greats and more. And now as the highly-sought after advisor to many up-and-coming wellness products on a mission to land coveted spots on the shelves of national retailers like Whole Foods and Target. Her expertise has been featured at WELL Insiders, WELL Summit, ALT Summit, The Wild Rose Collective, the Rising Women Conference and Good Housekeepings Raise the Green Bar Summit.