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It’s time for more women-led businesses to succeed in the CPG category. And it starts with YOU becoming the savviest business lady on the block. From money-saving hacks, to mastering investor conversations, to getting your product on store shelves—THIS is where you the get insider intel, the strategy, and the leadership training to reach the masses—and turn a profit.

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Find out if your idea is solid—and nail down exactly what to do next to get it off the ground.

Resolve one core business issue so that you can save precious time, money, and energy.

Optimize everything you do so you spend less $$, waste less energy, and feel like a CEO.

Receive key advice, step-by-step strategy, and ongoing support to scale your business.


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I’m Heather K. Terry | Business Mentor, Author, Investor

Maddening fact: most female founded product-based businesses fail. Not for lack of effort. Not for lack of passion. Not for lack of brilliance. But simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. 

The good news is, that doesn’t have to be you. With over a decade of experience as a CPG founder, CEO, investor, and advisor, I’ve amassed the most essential strategies and tricks of the trade that will empower you to make less mistakes and more of an impact. 

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